Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is recognized as a valuable nutritional additive and is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical applications.
The variety of structures of nanometric zinc oxide industrial uses means that ZnO can be classified among new materials with potential applications in many fields of nanotechnology. Zinc oxide can occur in Pharmaceutical, Lubricants & Coatings and many more.

Ceramics The properties imparted by Zinc Oxide Uses Pharmaceutical Industries to some of the newer applications are as electronic glass, low-melting glass for metal-to-glass seals, thermistors for use as lighting arresters and devitrified glasses of low thermal expansion.

Zinc Oxide Uses Pharmaceutical Industries: Pharmaceutical Industry Zinc Oxide is mainly used in Zinc soap, ointment, dental inlays, food powders etc. Zinc Oxide forms an indispensable element of the production process of this industry.

Zinc Oxide Uses Pharmaceutical Industries: Cosmetics The optical and biochemical properties of Zinc Oxide and its derivatives impart special features to a variety of cosmetic preparations for care of the hair and skin.