Galfan– Low Cost, High Performance Metallic Coating Galfan(Zinc Aluminum) is a kind of steel that is coated with a zinc-aluminum layer instead of a traditional galvanized steel zinc layer because the zinc-aluminum layer has superior corrosion resistance.

This superior corrosion resistance allows thinner layers of protective coatings to be applied.Galfan(ZA), when compared to traditional galvanized steel, has better corrosion resistance and may extend the time before the coating needs to be reapplied.

What is Galfan? • 95% Zn 5% Al, 0.05% mischmetal – MM = rare earth elements, improve wetting & corrosion resistance.

What is Galfan Galfan Dross?89-90 % Zn  10-11% Al , 0.05-0.09 CU , 0.004 – 0.008% Pb ,0.00% Fe